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Digital download for complete “Son Los Colores de Mi Mundo” album.
With 13 pages of activities for $12.98!

Son Los Colores de Mi Mundo
Anna E. Kravis
Winner of Creative Child Magazine Seal of Excellence Award

These English-Spanish songs for young children abound with sing-along, dance-along, learn-along fun! Colorful Latin American children’s songs, lively originals, spoken English introductions, catchy rhythms, and karaoke tracks make this CD a hit, at home, and in school, too! Click HERE To Download Lyrics!

“Son Los Colores de Mi Mundo”

“Mi Granja”

Tot’s Tunes & Happy To Be Me
Anna E. Kravis
This 2 album on 1 CD release, Tot’s Tunes & Happy To Be Me, is a collection of “Wonderful, charming delightful original songs!” (quote from the Elementary School Library Collection Publication) is a favorite with Pre School and Kindergarten children, and their parents and teachers. Fun with early learning, self-esteem and more… Great “car-trip music” for families with young children! Anna E. Kravis has been creating music for young children for over 20 years.

“Fiddle All Night”

“Rainbow Train”

Journey of the Heart
Anna E. Kravis
“Journey of the Heart is dedicated to those of us who seek to grow through the seasons of our lives. May it offer light for the journey.”
Anna E. Kravis has dedicated her life to expressing love through music to people of all ages, to an unfolding spiritual awareness, and to the belief that our personal lives and the life of our planet can be healed through love. She has journeyed a spiritual path for over 30 years, and has been a musician and singer since childhood. Anna’s original songs “…grow from personal experiences into universal truths”, and have been performed to standing ovations at Avery Fisher Hall, NYC and abroad. “She has a voice of extraordinary range and versatility…” (quoted from The Scotsman, Edinburgh). Created with the belief that we are here to do the soul’s work in mortal time, Anna’s songs come from a journey of the heart.

“Over The Rainbow”

“Turn Like A Wheel”

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