Multi-Cultural Shows

Each world culture, and each child, is as beautiful, and as different, as a color in the rainbow.

  1. Celebrate World Cultures
  2. Honor children’s family cultural origins
  3. Reinforce UPK, Pre-K or K Curriculums
  4. Utilize Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic Learning Modalities
  5. Increase multi-cultural awareness & respect for differences
  6. Easily adapted for ages 3-7 and Young Family Audiences
  7. Use common core standards when applicable.

Shows are highly interactive, and include multi-cultural songs, stories, puppetry, rhythm instruments from many lands, electric keyboard, colorful props, and move-along fun!

“It Takes All Colors to Make a Rainbow”

A celebration of many cultures, this fun, high energy, inspiring show supports multi-cultural awareness, and appreciation of differences. Bringing joy to young children and teachers alike, this program says that each child and each culture is as special as a color of the rainbow.

“Multi-Cultural Holiday Show”

This fun and festive concert features seasonal favorites as well as non-religious songs for Christmas, Hanukka and Kwanzaa.  Chinese New Year, Eid and Diwali can also be included.  Program content can be selected from the above, and will be targeted to your school’s individual requirements.

“An English-Spanish Fiesta”

BILINGUAL Songs, dances and fun from many Latin American lands create a festive “party” feeling for one and all. This show is great for community programming and PTA family events. Many sponsors like to supply Latin American food and party favors to add to the fun! (Visit the English-Spanish page on this web site, for a complete list of BILINGUAL offerings, and song samples from the shows.)

“A Multi-Cultural Fiesta”

Similar to the English-Spanish Fiesta, the Multi-Cultural Fiesta features songs, stories and puppetry from around the world. Great for community, or PTA family events!

African Song of Welcome
\"3 Funga Alafia - Short 128\".

Mexican Popular Song
\"2 La Bamba - Short 128\".

Chinese New Year Song
\"4 Gung Hey Fat Choy - Short 128\".

Hello in Many Languages
\"1 Hello Hello Hello - Short 128\".

East Indian Rhyming Song
\"5 Rey Mama Rey Mama Rey - Short 128\".

Multi-Cultural Rap
\"Multicult Rap 128\".

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